LIEBSTER AWARD: Get to Know New Bloggers

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

I'm back. Sorry it's been a while but university deadlines are never a fun time and do eventually take over, but I'm looking forward to just getting back to writing and posting regularly. I thought I'd start back with something quick and fun to get back into the swing of things, and also for you to get to know me, and potentially other bloggers, better. This week, I was nominated by fellow blogger Jess (IamMinimalist) for the Liebster Award, and as part of the nomination, I'm to answer the questions she has provided for me as a way to get to know talented bloggers with smaller audiences. The rules of this are:

1. Answer the 11 questions that your nominator has asked you.
2. Nominate 11 other bloggers (with under 200 followers)
3. Ask your nominees 11 questions.
4. Let them know that you have nominated them!

So, with that being said, these are my answers to the questions that Jess kindly asked me:

1. Where have you last visited? In the Easter holidays I travelled to Portugal with my dad, grandad and step-grandma. We have our own house out there so we go there often; it's like a home away from home.
2. What is your favourite beverage to drink (non-alcoholic) Not to sound too fancy, but I do love a bit of sparkling Elderflower!
3. Do you have a personal routine that you follow on a daily basis? Not anything in particular I don't think; my overall everyday routine is pretty generic. If I had to pick one thing, I make sure to do at least 4 mins of working out everyday with 1 rest day.
4. What is your dream job? At the moment I'm studying Graphics & Illustration, so I would love to illustrate children's books or TV shows, or something related to that anyway. If I had to pick a DREAM job, definitely acting.
5. Where are you from/live? I'm from Nottingham, England.
6. What are you most proud of in your life? I'm obviously proud of myself for passing my school exams and getting into university, but I would say I am most proud of myself for taking on all the mental challenges I've had to face over the years; anxiety, shyness, bullying, eating disorder, ect.
7. What makes you happy? It may sound cheesy, but the truth is my family and friends make me the happiest.
8. If you had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? Recently, I've been really wanting to travel to Australia. The thought of it used to make me nervous when I was younger (don't know why!) but now I would love to go!
9. What is your biggest goal in life? To have my own, loving, healthy family.
10. What do you love the most about yourself? I've never answered this before, but if I'm truthful, I would have to say how trustworthy and loving I always try to be, to everybody.
11. What is one thing that you'd like your readers to know about you? I am a weirdo! At first appearance, I've been told I can come across quite serious or stubborn, but honestly, it's just my anxiety and nerves, because once I get to know someone truly and become very comfortable, I can be a bit weird sometimes; I know that! I used to try to be less like it, but I've accepted now that that's just me at my true happiest!

 These are my Liebster Award nominations:
Ok... these people don't necessarily have 200 followers of less, but they are talented bloggers that I personally enjoy who deserve for their blogs and followers to continue growing!

Now, here are my 11 questions for my nominees:

1. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
2. Who is your inspiration? 
3. Which movies could you watch over and over again and still love?
4. Which is your favourite holiday of the year?
5. If you could go back in time to change one thing, what would it be?
6. Have you ever met any celebrities? If so, who?
7. If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?
8. What is your favourite genre of music?
9. Sweet or savoury?
10. How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?
11. Would you encourage others to start a blog if they were thinking about it?

If you were nominated for this and decide to answer these questions then tag me on Twitter (@reddailyblog) so I can read all your answers! Be sure to take a read of the rest of my blog whilst you're here, and also, make sure to check out all the blogs of the nominees because they are definitely worth a read too; all are linked above! 


  1. Finally I had the chance to catch up with some blogs! I always love Q&A posts, I didn't know you're studying Graphics & Illustration, so cool!!!
    Thank you again for the nomination xx

    Caterina |

  2. I love these type of posts! I love learning about the person behind the blog! Yay! Another Notts blogger 🙌🏻🖤

  3. Hey girl! Love this post and so many of your other ones as well! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Blogger Recognition Award :) If you wouldn't mind checking out my latest post on for the rules and details, that'd be great. xx

    1. Aw that's so lovely of you, thank you so much! I really appreciate it and I love your blog too! :) xxx